By: PWHL Boston Media

April 17, 2024


Jessica Digirolamo is a Toronto native with a keen fashion sense and a talent for baking. Pulling inspiration from NBA stars, Digirolamo knows how to make an entrance—and chocolate chip banana bread! 


1) Who would you say is your fashion inspiration? 

Digirolamo: Shai Gilgeous-Alexander with the Oklahoma City Thunder. It’s for sure him. His style is great, so rare and unique. He always has a good outfit. For my first [walk-in] outfit, I wore a vest and baggy pants that was straight inspired by him. Sometimes if I want to shake it up, I look to LeagueFits, which is the Instagram account for the NBA. That’s where I’d say I get my inspiration from, but then I have to add a touch of my own. 


2) What’s your favorite luxury brand? 

Digirolamo: Dior, 100%. Dior is my absolute favorite. This is a funny story. For half of the season, there was this Dior shirt that I wanted, but everyone kept telling me no because the price was insane. I loved it. It was cashmere and had ‘Dior’ printed all over it, but it was $900. I have my Dior shoes and I’m going to get a cross body bag soon. 


3)What’s your go to walk-in outfit? 

Digirolamo: My go-to look would not be too classy. It’s more of a swag look than classy or a mixture of both. I do like to mix and match with those. 


4) Rumor has it, you’re a good baker, what’s your favorite thing to bake and why? 

Digirolamo: Over COVID, my grandma and I started baking all the time together and we had an Instagram account where we’d post 2-3 times a week. My favorite thing we made was our chocolate chip banana bread. It’s amazing. My mom makes some pretty good banana bread too, but I for sure think I make it better. 


5) If you were going to bake something for the entire team, what would you choose? 

Digirolamo: I’d have to pass on the banana bread because that’s Jess Healey’s thing. I would say cinnamon rolls, I would for sure make those. I’m also not stingy on the icing on that, so I would include a lot of icing, I got you.