By: PWHL Boston Media

April 13, 2024


Sidney Morin is a Minnesota native who moved to the east coast to play for PWHL Boston— but she’s no stranger to traveling for hockey. She won an Olympic gold medal for the United States in PyeongChang in 2018 and has played professionally in Sweden and in the PHF. When she isn’t on the ice, you’d likely find her enjoying the outdoors with her two pups, Stormy and Stella! 


Who were your hockey and personal role models growing up? 

Morin: My hockey role model was Winny Brodt-Brown. She’s a hockey legend in Minnesota and I grew up having her train me. I looked up to her, she won Miss Hockey in Minnesota, played for the Gophers, played for the National Team. 

My parents, my mom especially. She was an executive for a big company in Minnesota and taught me how to be a strong woman that can lead. I definitely look up to her. 


You went to the Olympics in 2018, what surprised you the most about the Olympic Village? 

Morin: Probably the amount of people that were there and how long you had to wait for the elevator. We could be waiting for the elevator in our building for about 30 minutes and it was a high rise, 30th floor, so you couldn’t take the stairs. That was something, but also seeing people from all over the world representing their countries. All the different clothes everyone was wearing were cool. 


What are the three words you’d use to describe yourself? 

Morin: That’s hard. I would probably say easy-going and confident. I wouldn’t say funny, but I do like to kid-around. 


What is your ideal day off? 

Morin: Just sit on the couch, watch TV and take my dogs for a walk. 


How many dogs do you have and what are they like? 

Morin: I have two dogs. Stormy is a petite Bernedoodle who is almost two. Her name describes her perfectly, she is a little storm, but she’s the most snuggly dog in the world, so I love her. I also have a Cockapoo names Stella who is eight months, and she has a lot of puppy energy right now, but also a sweetheart.